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Mockup 103 – 1.jpg redesign

Project duration - 5 Weeks
My Role - User research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, and Visual Design.

Methods - User research and analysis, Persona, User journey, Value opportunity analysis, Competitor feature comparison card, Mind map, Task analysis, Ideation, Wireframe, Prototype, Visual design, User testing.
Tools - Miro, Paper, Pencil, Adobe XD, and Photoshop.

The Challenge - The faced low engagement due to an outdated website design. Redesign the website.

The - Founded in 2008, is a website for renting apartments and houses. People look for houses or apartments to rent in Ireland. aims to become a leading website on the Irish to let market.

Brand Proposition - Provides a wide selection of houses and apartments for rent in every town in Ireland.

Key issues - I discovered several issues while researching and examining the website.

A search function that is intuitive should be implemented. A poorly designed link makes it impossible for users to recognize it. A dropdown component's design doesn't match the website. The footer of the website is poorly designed. The About page is cluttered and lacks alignment. On the landing page and internal pages of the site, the search functionality is inconsistent. Changing the layout of the card would be helpful. The description is unnecessary, and the information should be prioritized and presented clearly. Breadcrumb navigation may be difficult to recognize for users, and it also has low contrast. Key features should be presented attractively, and property descriptions should be well presented. Show number button is unnecessary. There is no need to display the same number twice in a paragraph.

The current information architecture is well-planned and straightforward, as you can see.


Competitive analysis - was compared with three property websites.

competitive analysis.JPG

Value opportunity analysis - We can use a VOA to obtain insights into the degree to which a product connects with a target audience based on a list of value-based criteria or value opportunities. The seven value opportunities are emotions, aesthetics, identity, impact, ergonomics, core technology, and quality.


Persona - There are three primary personas for any property website: Buyer, Seller, and renter. For redesigning this website, I will consider the renter persona; this will help me focus on pain points and goals.


Customer journey map - Tracy's pain points were represented graphically using a customer journey map

customer journey.JPG

Problem Identification - Newcomers often struggle with building trust in a new place. They don't know if the area is safe to live in. There is a sense of nervousness among students looking for sublet apartments in which unknown roommates will live. When others are still living in an apartment, it is uncomfortable to visit. Users cannot compare the property listings. It would be nice if the location was sent to their mobile devices so they could navigate quickly to the property. When viewing a specific property, it is impossible to locate nearby amenities.

Task Flow - The task flow describes the flow or logical steps a user must take in order to accomplish a single task. After analyzing the personas and the journey map of the users, I developed a task flow.

Information Architecture - What I did was simply making the information architecture a little bit simpler and faster.

task flow.jpg

Wireframe - After conducting all research and planning, I begin the wireframing process. Once we understand everything about the problem constructing a page is easy. I came up with many sketches, and finally, I thought this layout would do the justice to website. The page should be easy to scan, and information should be presented logically to the user to find the property quickly.


Desktop - 1.jpg


Desktop - 5.jpg


Desktop - 4.jpg


Desktop - 2.jpg


Desktop - 3.jpg

Visual Design - A successful visual design enhances the content and functions of the website without taking away from the user. On the contrary, it enhances it by building trust between users and brands. Despite their background and abilities, any user should be able to enjoy and benefit from good design. UI was created using Adobe XD.

Website at present


Website at present



Web 1280 – 7.jpg


Web 1280 – 17.jpg


Web 1280 – 5.jpg


Web 1280 – 8.jpg

Colors and fonts -


Features that are missing - Several features are missing from the rent. such as sending location links to the user's mobile, comparing listing, scheduling an appointment with the agent from a website, map view, useful filters like pet-friendly, new homes, commercial properties, nearby location, blog, etc.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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